17 Sandy Ridge, Sterling, Massachusetts, 01564, Worcester County:
for SALE and

Rare opportunity: This beautiful home is ready for a new owner with or without the formalities of a mortgage. In our lease-purchase model you need a DownPayment to secure the deal and move in!

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About us

We are a private Real Estate investment company who specializes in Lease-Purchase/Rent-to-Own deals. They allow Buyers who are not ready to buy, to move in and have the time to get ready for the formal Purchase & Sale closing.
Whether because you need the time to gather the funds, get in position to apply for a mortgage, find private money to fund the deal, need a few more points on your credit score or to wait for negatives in your credit report to drop off, we set up a deal that gives you the time that you need, while moving in right away. You can enjoy the home as if you already gained ownership because you are in control. It becomes up to you to do what's required and that we know is achievable for you to complete the deal and become the formal owner. This deal is not for everyone and certainly not for those who want to just rent, it's for those who want to commit to purchase the property and can show the intent. We require you to qualify through a screening process and make a financial commitment in the form of a downpayment credited 100% towards the final purchase price. Date to close is preagreed along with all the other terms and the purchase price is locked in and cannot change without renegotiation.

We have already turned many frustrated renters into happy homeowners through our lease-purchase/lease-option/rent-to-own programs. Call us now to find out together if this may work for you and your family!

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